Keith Warren

In memory of ProWA supporter
Keith Warren

by Grahame Jordan

Keith WarrenWe at ProWA met Keith Warren at a wind farm exhibition in Market Harborough, his home town. He, among others, were asking many questions and we realized he had experience. With some conversations, over time and drinks (he loved his dark rum), he offered to help ProWA.

At the Swinford Windfarm Inquiry, he gave an expert witness statement expressing the need for renewable energy generation – it was measured, instructive and effective.

Keith’s background is fascinating. Earning an MA in science from Cambridge, he became an educator. He had been working abroad for decades with development agencies as an educator (aka the United Nations). He set up small local groups in poor African and Indian villages who needed educating in self sufficiency.

In Mozambique (his last posting) a technical school developed with local youngsters, who had nothing to do, being recruited to make items useful for all. Keith taught them basic skills that changed lives. This was in a civil war zone with few resources, they had to scavenge waste sites, disused machinery, cars, oil drums etc. Under Keith’s guidance they made musical instruments, electric motors, spindles, pottery, solar ovens, oh, and wind turbines.

He explained to us the significance of these small pole mounted wind turbines; to get enough power for small LEDs – then the children can read.

He was awarded an MBE by the Queen for services to the community of Mozambique

Keith was much admired by those he helped; one group formed a band which eventually played at the Glastonbury Festival. Others promised to continue the workshop and social activities as age and illness caught up with him.

He returned home to write books and produce filmed demonstrations for anyone to use freely in educational facilities.

Keith died in 2017 aged 84.

His designs and demonstrations can be viewed at

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