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Local anti-wind groups

In the UK, windfarm proposals are often followed by the formation of local anti-wind groups. ProWA seeks to engage with such groups by way of discussion, participation in public meetings, correspondence etc. We realise that local people are often upset by change, so we are sympathetic to the personal distress that may occur. However, ProWA believes that in general windfarms do much more good than harm, especially in the provision of electricity in the locality that does not cause climate change.

In the interest of objectivity, ProWA has compiled a list of local anti-wind groups, as below. We invite you to view the information from each group, together with our own brief comments about that information. We realise that members of these groups are respected local citizens and we have no wish to cause personal aggravation. We emphasise our hope of personal and pleasant discussion.

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Anti-group Comments (click the blue words to see the referenced link)
Swinford Stop Swinford Wind Farm Action Group (SSWFAG)
The Advertising Standards Authority ruling against SSWFAG speaks for itself.
Against Wind Farm At Low Spinney (AWFALS)
The AWFALS website claims that Friends of the Earth, a highly respected environmental organisation, “are brainwashed“, without providing any justification for this slanderous statement.
Gartree Stop Gartree Wind Farm
The Stop Gartree Wind Farm website contains opinions of a general nature, countered by the British Wind Energy Association and many professional and academic sources. See also ProWA home page for links to other authorative information.
Gartree proposer is Energy4All, which is submitting formal planning
documents to Harborough Council that contain authoritative reports
contrary to the fears of the anti-wind group.
Yelvertoft No Windfarm At Yelvertoft (NoWAY)
Harrington Say No To Harrington
The Say No To Harrington website states that its Chair, Prof. Dave Unwin, “became
a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society and even a founder
committee member of what is now their specialist climatology research
What it does not mention is that Prof. Unwin ceased
RMetS membership in 2003. The views expressed on the Say No To
Harrington website are at odds with the analysis of the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change that warns of anthropogenic global climate change and with the statement issued by Defra on 18 June 2009 that says the “UK has to act now to adapt to changes that are coming and to stop these getting worse”. For objective information on the RMetS position on climate change please refer to the RMetS website
Kelmarsh Stop Kelmarsh Wind Farm
Palmers Hollow Belvoir Locals Oppose Windfarms (BLOT)
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