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Pro Wind Alliance 
(Leics / Northants / Warks / Notts / Rutland / Lincs / South Beds)
Compared with fossil fuels and nuclear power, renewable energy that harnesses the sun, the wind and other natural energy flows is relatively benign. In particular, very few pollutants are emitted per unit of energy generated. Moreover, renewables provide a diverse, secure and inexhaustible source of energy. Coupled with a programme of improved energy efficiency, renewable energy displaces finite or less benign energy sources in response to peak oil and climate change.
All energy systems have an impact on the natural environment. It is inevitable, therefore, that conflicts of interest will arise between providing energy services and ensuring that people, wildlife and open spaces are adequately protected. The environmental impacts of most renewable energy technologies are considerably less than those of the current energy systems they displace. Visual intrusion is sensed only by humans, but nevertheless is extremely important. If there is an understanding of the benefits of a particular installation, then the physiological and aesthetic impact is likely to be favourable.
The Pro Wind Alliance (ProWA) is an association of local individuals and groups who are convinced that renewables are vital for the future and who are therefore in favour of developing properly designed local renewable generating capability. ProWA aims to provide objective information, backed by sound research and references. In particular, ProWA supported the planning applications for the projects listed below and supports the projects listed under Current Wind Power Proposals. An overview table with details of all the projects ProWA has supported or is currently supporting can be found here.
ProWA strongly supports the principle of windfarm operators funding Community Funds. For instance, the operator makes annual payments over the full life of the windfarm to the local Council, which oversees the distribution to local schools,youth organisations, environmental groups, village halls, sports clubs etc. Such funds can amount to many thousands of pounds each year, depending on the size of the windfarm. This is not bribery, but common sense.

What you can do:
• Submit a support statement for Swift Wind Farm (Rugby) - click here for details
• Submit a support statement for Sewstern Lane (South Kesteven) - click here for details
• Submit a support statement for Brown's Holt Wind Farm (West Lindsey) - click here for details
• Submit a support statement for Woolfox Wind Farm (Rutland) - click here for details
• Submit a support statement for Woolfox Solar Farm (Rutland) - click here for details
• Submit a support statement for Fox Covert Windfarm (Newark & Sherwood) - click here for details
Submit a support statement by e-mail for Saundby Windfarm (Bassetlaw) - click here for details
Submit a support statement for Poplar House Farm Turbine (Hinckley & Bosworth) - click here for details
Submit a support statement for Crown Hill Windfarm (Melton) - click here for details
• 'Like' the Yes to Woolfox Wind and Solar Farm Facebook page
• 'Like' the We support Crown Hill Windfarm Facebook page
'Like' the Nottingham ProWA Facebook page
Join the Support Wind Applications in Northants Facebook group

Good News: March 2015: Revised Burton Wold South project approved unanimously. Decision notice here.
Good News: Dec 2012: South Northants committee approves M1 Windfarm
Good News: Aug 2012: NW Leics committee approves Hill Farm turbine with overwhelming majority (12:4)
Good News: July 2012: Winwick Windfarm approved following appeal. Click here for March 2015 update.
Good News: July 2012: Inspector approves Spring Farm Ridge Windfarm, but see here
Good News: May 2012: Daventry District Council approves M1J18 Turbines, following officer's recommendation
Good News: March 2012: Kettering Borough Council approves Burton Wold South, following officer's recomm.
Good News: March 2012: Inspector approves Barnwell Manor, but see here.
Good News: Dec 2011: Kelmarsh Windfarm approved following appeal. Click here for March 2015 update.
Good News: Dec 2011: Daventry District Council approves Boddington turbine, following officer's recomm.
Good News: March 2011: Inspector approves Wanlip wind turbine on appeal 
Good News: Dec 2010: Melton Borough Council approves Dalby Windfarm, following officer's recommendation
Good News: July 2010: Inspector approves Yelvertoft Windfarm following public inquiry
Good News: March 2010: Inspector approves Low Spinney Windfarm following public inquiry
Good News: Jan 2010: Kettering Borough Council approves New Albion Windfarm, following officer's recomm.
                                    Listen to interviews with the Planning Chair for KBC and the Chief Executive of Infinergy
Good News: Dec 2009: Secretary of State approves Swinford Windfarm, based on Planning Inspector's report

Images below by Jonathan Clark. More in Jonathan's impressive wind album

Information on anti-wind groups

Current Wind Power Proposals

Swift Wind Farm, 8+ MW (Rugby)
Sewstern Lane, 15 MW (South Kesteven)
Brown's Holt, 24 MW (W. Lindsey)
Woolfox Wind Farm, 16 MW (Rutland)
Woolfox Solar Farm, 36 MW (Rutland)
Blakemore, 8 MW (South Northants)
Saundby, 15 MW (Bassetlaw)
Poplar House Farm, 500 kW (H&B)
Crown Hill, 8 MW (Melton)

Temple Hill, 12.5 MW (South Kest.)
Fox Covert, 10 MW (Newark & Sherwood)

ProWA blog

Links / News
Action for Renewables
Act on Facts

Windfarm happiness
"Wind turbine syndrome": the sickening truth
"We were wrong on turbine noise"
Do wind turbines need backup?
Wind Scam?

Germany: Renewable energy economy
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